ECOFLUX coated rods

The range expands

We have expanded the range of ECOFLUX coated rods.
In addition to traditional diameters 1,5 - 2 - 2,5 - 3 mm, diameter 1,2 mm is now also available.

Contact our sales department for an offer or for samples requests at info@stella-welding.com
The silver brazing rods type "ECOFLUX" have an innovative type of coating that protects
the health both of the environment and of operators.
The flux used is not toxic, does not contain boric acid, and complies with the European 
Regulation REACH (1907/2006/EC).
Moreover, the new formulation has an improved cleaning and protective power, ensuring 
fast brazing, excellent quality and the absence of annoying glassy residues.
- Non-toxic formulation
- REACH compliant (1907/2006/EC)
- No ADR transport
- Improved cleaning and protective power
- Absence of glassy residues
The Ecoflux coating is available for the whole range of silver brazing alloys, in a wide range of colors and customizations. 
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